The Cyril Fry Corner

The Cyril Fry Corner is an area at the Model Railway Museum in Malahide that pays homage to the intricacies of Cyril’s hand-made models.

We have recreated a work space that demonstrates the scale and complexity of how he worked. A loving insight into his skillset, as if he just stepped into the space and could return at any moment.

Cyril Fry’s hand-made models are possibly one of the most important private collections of miniature railway engines, wagons and carriages ever created. Marvel at his creations at the Casino Model Railway Museum and be transported to his workbench.

Cyril Fry was hyper organised, even having small “drawers” made out of matchboxes to keep small screws, nuts and bolts in. These were opened by means of a small “handle” which was a little bolt through the end of the box. The outside had a label denoting the size and type of the contents. Some of Mr Fry’s collection of engineering books are seen on the shelf behind the display with bookmarks of what he deemed important.

Cyril also spent a great deal of time photographing and measuring real trains in order to plan his models. In the display you see his preparation of scale drawings followed by assembling the frames. Models in various stage of construction can be seen in the display cabinets.